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MEMS Sensors Technology
Sensors using Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are now commonplace in the industrial and consumer electronics industry alike. The technology which is the merging of nano electro-mechanical systems (NEMS) and nano-technology creates very small devices which can be used for real-world measurements.

MEMS became practical once the structures could be fabricated, using modified semiconductor device fabrication technologies, normally used to make electronics components.
Several types of sensors can be fabricated as follows.
Accelerometers measure the force exerted on a body when it is accelerating. In MEMS devices the 'body' is a fixed but flexible element in the whole sensor construction, which 'flexes' when the force is applied. It is the degree of flex which is measured by electronic (capacitance change) means.
The output of any one element of an accelerometer sensor normally indicates the measured value for one only axis. Since a gravitational field also exerts a force on any objects withing the field, gravity may also be measured by a correctly aligned (axis) accelerometer. Knowing that an object is at rest will also allow measurement of inclination with respect to the axis of sensitivity.
Essentially inclinometers and accelerometers are all based on the same MEMS capacitive measuring technology. Different product versions are optimized for different purposes, determined by the g-range in which they are going to be used.
The maximum g-range of the inclinometers is earth's gravitation (approximately 1g). So for the inclination measurement the internal accelerometers measure low-g ranges of ±0.26g up to ±1.2 g.
MEMS gyroscopes similarly use solid-state resonators that function on basis of oscillating object which tends to continue vibrating in the same plane as its support rotates. The force of maintaining its orientation is measured as the indication of the external rotational force.
Kelag have produced an introduction to the bulk-machined MEMS sensor technology here, with a further detailed description and discussion of the advantages. Click here to view in a new browser window.
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