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ACTE offer a range of receivers for positioning and guidance applications using satellite-based systems, including the GPS system.

Technically the term 'GPS' is used inappropriately since it refers (only) to the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System - a constellation of satellites operated by the US Air Force. 

Our Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers can receive signals from multiple systems as indicated in there individual specifications.

The Russian GLONASS system is supported on several modules. This follows interest from equipment manufacturers (supported by the chipset vendors) wishing to support the system & avoid import duties (into Russia) on equipment which isn't compatible with GLONASS.

Modules are now starting to appear which support the Chinese regional Bei-Dou System (or 'BDS') which is being extended into the global COMPASS system.

In the future the European Union's Galileo positioning system is scheduled to be operational by 2020 at the earliest, Other countries such as India and Japan are planning regional systems.


ACTE's summery of our POXA GNSS modules is available in the following product guide - download here.

Full product information can be found on the POXA GNSS products range