4G / LTE Products

The following product listing is organised by the type (application) for '4G' products - embedded design, Modems, Gateways & Routers.


4G / LTE Modules for embedded design

4G LTE Cat.1 dual-band module in the ultra-compact LGA package providing a 2G->3G->4G pin- compatible migration path. Cat.1 performance optimized for industrial M2M applications with reduced cost.


4G / LTE quad-band with tri-band 3G UMTS (HSPA+) & dual/quad-band 2G. GPS and GLONASS receiver, voice support. LGA mounting interface compatible with 3G M2M-Advanced modules




4G / LTE Modems

M1000 USB
Industrial 2G/3G/4G Modem with USB 2.0 interface for high speed data connection. Control via AT commands. Sturdy metal housing, wide D.C. power input range.
M1000 UP
Industrial 2G/3G/4G USB Modem. High speed USB 2.0 interface to support 3G / UMTS & 4G / LTE data rates up to 100Mbits/sec downlink. Control via AT Commands. Plastic housing can be DIN rail mounted.


4G / LTE Routers

Industrial 2G/3G/4G Routers with dual SIM redundancy. Twin Ethernet for flexible LAN & WAN (fail-over) configurations, RS232, USB & Digital I/O connections. Multiple security, network protocols & VPN support. Sturdy metal housing, wide D.C. power input range. Robustel Link remote management.
R3000 Lite
Industrial 3G/4G Routers with dual SIM redundancy. Ethernet, RS232/RS485 & USB & 2.0 connections. Multiple security, network & protocols. Sturdy metal housing. Robustel Link remote management support.