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Robustel R3000-Lite Starter kit

The R3000-Lite Starter Kit contains everything required to start evaluating remote telemetry using the very latest 3G wireless Router from Robustel and secure data-connectivity from Wireless Logic.

Our starter kit contains a Robustel R3000-Lite full function 3G Router with Ethernet and Serial interfaces. This provides an always-on, always available data connection (network permitting) over the 3G cellular network. The R3000-Lite has two SIM card holders and a configurable policy to manage switching between SIMs / networks if both are used.

The SIM card contained in our Starter Kit has a Private Fixed-IP address. Data is accessed via a private connection into the network service provider. ensuring complete security. With the fixed-IP service, communications between the Router and your PC can be initiated at either end of the link. This means you can poll your remote assets for their status at anytime or have them push data to your PC / server as the require.

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R3000-Lite Router User Guide

R3000-Lite Router - Just 105 x 100 x 30mm

Starter Kit Contents

To get you up-and-running as fast as possible, the Robustel R3000-Lite Starter Kit from ACTE contains the following:
R3000-Lite Starter Kit
  • Robustel R3000-L3P - 3G Router, with dual SIM capability
  • UK-3-pin Plug-in power supply
  • Din Rail mount bracket (wall-mount available as alternative)
  • 3G multi-position antenna with SMA connector (mounts directly onto 3G Router)
  • 3G Magnet Antenna with 3 meters cable and SMA connector
  • SIM CARD – Private Fixed IP address, 3 months data-connectivity with 50 MByte/month included
  • Secure SSL Virtual Private Network connection for SIM card on private APN

Robustel R3000-Lite Starter Kit is available now - order for just £249.00

Data connectivity for your application

Our starter kit contains a SIM card which connects via one of the primary network carriers to the Wireless Logic Ltd. Access Point (APN) in the network. The card will be an Orange, Vodafone or O2 SIM, support for multi-network or roaming SIMs is also available upon request. Data is carried though the Wireless Logic infrastructure which has dual-path redundancy throughout. Many other management and monitoring features are also possible, such as daily-usage information on a per-SIM basis. The access route to your remote devices and data is via an Secure-Socket-Layer (SSL) VPN connection into the Wireless Logic infrastructure. A pre-configured SSL-client program which makes this secure connection is included for use on any of your PCs (one user license included).



Data flow between the local PC and remote devices.

SSL clients are also available free for Android & iOS devices, so developing an 'app' which securely interacts with your remote devices is possible.

SIM Card with Data included - the details

The Wireless Logic SIM card provided in the Kit will be for the Orange, Vodafone or O2 network - whichever is likely to offer the highest signal strength for your chosen area. It includes three months data allowance at up to 50 MByte per month. There are no additional purchases, contracts or signatures required and it’s pre-enabled to work when you receive it.

Because the SIM card is on a Private APN (Wireless Logic) it will only connect to that APN for data connectivity. This means the Router with SIM has no direct access to the ‘web’. An (SSL VPN) connection into Wireless Logic is required to connect to the IP address of the remote device / SIM and data. For this reason it’s very safe & secure to ship, store and use. ACTE retain the ability to manage SIMs if required – for example if you request a change or if you don’t wish to retain use of it after the evaluation period .

The included 3-month period will commence when you receive the Starter Kit. We will periodically provide an update as too how much data is being used. The usage report can be on a day-by-day basis if required so you can gain an understanding of how much data is typically required for future deployments. We’ll also let you know if the usage appears high and it looks like you could go over the monthly allowance.

If it does look as though you'll exceed 50 Mega Byte in a month and you wish to continue beyond the included amount, we’ll discuss organising a payment method to cover this.

At the end of the 3-Month inclusive period there is the option to take over the SIM contract for the remainder of the term (up to 9 months maximum). If you opt to do this, the pricing which will apply can be confirmed. Alternatively should you wish to finish the evaluation, there are no obligations, costs or penalties. You can just re-configure the router (APN) for using any other suitable SIM of your choice, we don’t even request that you return the SIM card to us.

If you do take over the existing SIM & contract, or start another from Wireless Logic then access to the excellent SIMPro tool will be included. SIMPro provides monitoring and management features for all SIM’s on your Wireless Logic account, is highly specifiied and we think it's a great tool for customers to monitor and manage their 'fleet' of cellular devices in the field.


Additional features - RobustLink

Robustel RobustLink is an industrial - grade centralised management and administration system for Robustels GoRugged Routers.

It allows you to monitor, configure and manage large numbers of remote devices on a private network over the web.

You don’t have to use a fixed-IP SIM card either - Robustel Routers are configured to connect into your RobustLink management tool allowing you can use standard dynamic-IP SIMs from any network.

The software application is provided by Robustel for free - you just need to download and configure it for your Windows PC.

Further details can be found on our overview page here


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