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Information - Reference overview of Modules, Modems, Gateways & Routers

PDF Document download   Modules_Modems_Gateways_Routers_overview_ACTE_UK.pdf


Applications information - Supercapacitors in Energy Harvesting Applications CapXX.jpg

Brochure & PDF - An overview of techniques used in many IoT applications where energy sources cannot provide the instantaneous power required to drive RF transceivers or valves and solenoids.

New Technology & Information - 4G LTE for Industrial M2M
Web-page - The electronics design community might not consider 4G LTE networks as an ideal platform for industrial M2M communications, is that about to change?


Accessories - Reference overview for Robustel Gateways and Routers

PDF Document download  Robustel_Accessories_from_ACTE_UK_2014.pdf

Update: The new R3000-Lite has a different power connector to that used on the R3000 Router. A suitable CONNECTOR is supplied with each unit in the box. ACTE will also supply PSUs with the appropriate connector pre-attached to the PSU cable for each Router. Two part numbers exist for PSUs which look identical except for the different size power connector.


Applications information - Introduction to Java development for gemalto Java_Logo.jpg Java-powered Terminals and Embedded modules

Web-page - Java easily brings together the devices' broad range of hardware, interface and wireless capabilities to create complete solutions.


Applications information - A network scanner project using a Java-powered Terminal Java_Logo.jpgGemalto_approced_distributor.jpg

Web-page - A 'weekend project' based on Ready-to-use 3G Terminal and Java to product a simple portable and reliable network scanner.

Applications information - Balancing Circuit solutions for supercapacitors CapXX.jpg

Web-page - An overview with links to further information regarding various methods to balance supercapacitors such as the Cap-XX products from ACTE UK.

White Paper - Leakage Current & Pre-charging of Supercapacitors

PDF Document download - Cap-xx AN1509 White Paper - Some useful information helping to understand the characteristics of the leakage current associated with any supercapacitor

Applications information - Design information for POXA GNSS modules based POXA_GPS_web.png on UBX-G7020

PDF Document download POXA App note UBX-G7020 series


Applications information - Migrating from CSD dial-up to IP comms in GSM systems

Web-page - Based on using Coherent 2G Gateway products, Coherent_Logo.jpgexplanation
of what the communications structure is with overview diagram.

Services Update - Valuable cloud services support Router deploymentrobustel_200x50.jpg

Web-Page - An introduction to Cloud services which can greatly ease the managment of routers and access to data from connected devices. These valuable, scalable solutions help keep costs down while speeding up the roll-out from the very first device to the complete 'fleet'.


Information - Hand soldering a Cinterion LGA wireless modulegemalto_cinterion_approved_distributor_high_30pc.jpg

Possibly not for the faint hearted, and possibly with better results after turning down the techno-pop pumping away in the background. This video does show that prototypes can be successfully built on the bench using these simple techniques. Volume production is also simplified by virtue of the devices' simplicity, pad layout, flexibility with solder types and no x-ray inspection requirement.

A very detailed guide to SMD technology manufacturing with these devices is also available.