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Development & Evaluation Kits

ACTE offer a range of platforms to help determine suitability of devices and speed the development process.

Many manufacturers provide development tools in a modular format consisting of a 'base' board and additional adapter or evaluation modules.

Some devices have several options available with the choice depending upon which features are to be considered (e.g. is it necessary to evaluate the audio interface on a particular GSM or Bluetooth module?). For this reason not all development platforms are listed in our web-shop.

While some details may be found in the relevant manufacturers section of our website, for the latest solutions, pricing and availability it is best to contact us regarding the device(s) being considered.

Finally we have put together some Starter Kits which include additional accessories and Data-SIM cards as well as the standard accessories required to use the device. Everything required to fully evaluate and develop your own systems is delivered in the kit, from day one.