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Product customisation

As an electronic component distributor ACTE's service does not end with the supply of the products from our manufacturers or kitting them with accessories. Together with our manufactures ACTE has a strong understanding of the products we promote how they can be applied to customer applications.

Whether you've identified the right type of solution but not the unique combination of specs required, an application where the solution remains elusive ("there must be something somewhere") or the need to combine the disparate or exclusive features of other devices we might just be able to help.

Below are the kind of projects we've taken on in the past. If you have a similar, or very different problem to solve we're ready to listen.

Custom Firmware R3000 Router

The Linux platform behind this 3G Router provides a stable, reliable environment for remotely deployed equipment communications. Where the features of standard routers don't meet requirements though, the Robustel R3000 can be just the 'get-out-of-jail' card required.

This project for remote monitoring of internet-relay stations full-filled multiple requirements in terms of communications links between several connected and multiple remote devices. Locally derived response and 'keep-alive' signals necessary for some devices were also implemented to support migration from CSD to IP comms.

Ultimately, having a router with custom functionality allowed the customer to replace two separate communications devices with just the R3000 and being able to deploy a 2G, 3G or 4G unit as dictated by their end customer requirements.


Custom Firmware EC2G Gateway

The built-in intelligence of the EC2G Gateway not only solves connectivity requirements in many telemetry applications, but makes it a 'dead-ringer' for custom requirements too.

This project for the access-control division of a major global leader operating in many industrial sectors required custom software features to support the existing products' interfaces as a pre-requisite. Customisation provided a seamless migration path from CSD to IP-communications, including modem-to-modem with no changes to their existing installations. An interface cable and custom bracket were also made to simplify installation.


Another customer just required the EC2G unit in black instead of the standard blue.