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Airtime for cellular networks
ACTE UK work closely with Wireless Logic Limited to provide seamless end-to-end hardware and connectivity solutions for industrial applications.

Selecting the most appropriate data connectivity solution is crucial to successful deployment of cellular wireless systems. Understanding the available solutions at an early stage and taking a system level approach should be the design goal rather than a last minute 'grab one of the shelf' solution.

For a successful product and roll-out in today's markets, designers need to consider the latest services from network providers and incorporate them into their system level architectures as though they were a physical device on the PCB. Taking such an approach allows you to deliver a flexible and scale-able solution to cope with user demand.

Whilst it can be sometimes be difficult to change the existing culture in a customer or their customers' organisations, once the 'connection' is made it simply becomes a must-do rather than 'would have been nice'.

An optimised and more efficient system depends upon such an approach.
Wireless Logic offer....
  • Multiple Services for client management
  • VPN Security
  • Complete system redundancy for guaranteed service level
  • Fixed-IP SIM cards enabling you to access the maximum benefits of a persistent wireless connection with data, remote management and monitoring.

With Wireless Logic Limited ACTE deliver reliable and secure connectivity together with many other SIM and billing services.

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