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ACTE offers a range of sensors using using various technologies from a range of manufacturers.
Each manufacture uses technologies optimised for the specific targetted applications - from Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Differential Infra-Red and others.
Mipex Gas Sensors
MIPEX TECHNOLOGY proudly manufacture a unique range of ultra low power inrfared gas sensors  protected by number of patents. The MIPEX NDIR gas sensors utilize patented technology of Light Emitters and Photodiodes based on A2B4-A2B6 solid state alloys which are highly effective for hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon dioxide (CO2) detection. These products are the results of long-term research into sensor technologies and developent of the production solutions. 

The advanced design of unique miniature IR gas sensors makes them ideal for solar, battery powered and wireless application.

MIPEX miniature IR gas sensors are applied to all industrial safety segments and have distinctive features including: 

  • Operation within the wide temperature range
  • Low humidity influence
  • Long term stability
  • Industry approved size 16.6x20mm
  • Microcontroller inside
  • Immunity for harsh environment
  • Long life