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Supercapacitor Product Guides

Product Guides include an overview of the unique Cap-XX technology, device storage, operational metrics and energy & power information for device selection & design.

Each Guide forms the basis of the design documentation for all applicable devices in the relevant family.

Standard Supercapacitors Product Guide - click to download

New Thinline Supercapacitors Product Guide - click to download

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Individual device specifications

G-Series Dual Cell - 5.0V (Nominal) 5.5V peak, -40°C to +70ºC, Tmax+70ºC

DeviceCapacitanceESR- m-OhmsThicknessCase Size - mm
GA209F 80mF 130 2.20 mm 20.0 x 18.0
GW209F 140mF 70 2.20 mm 28.5 x 17.0
GW201F 350mF 70 *(55) 2.50 mm
GW203F 550mF 50 3.50 mm
GS203F 250mF 45 2.20 mm 39.0 x 17.0
GS206F 600mF 40 *(32) 2.50 mm
GS208F 900mF 28 3.50 mm
GS230F 1200mF 28 3.80 mm

 click on part-number for individual electrical specs

H-Series Dual Cell - 5.5V (Nominal) 5.8V peak, -40°C to +70ºC, Tmax+85ºC

DeviceCapacitanceESR- m-OhmsThicknessCase Size - mm
HA202F 120mF 140 3.00 mm 20.0 x 18.0
HA230F 400mF


3.80 mm
HW209F 140mF 120 2.20 mm 28.5 x 17.0
HW201F 350mF 120 *(95) 2.50 mm
HW203F 550mF 90 3.50 mm
HS203F 250mF 75 2.20 mm 39.0 x 17.0
HS206F 600mF 70 *(55) 2.50 mm
HS208F 900mF 50 3.50 mm
HS230F 1200mF 50 3.80 mm

 click on part-number for individual electrical specs

*Figures in brackets are for improved specification devices available from March 2015

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