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Short Range Wireless Modules
The Radiocrafts range of interchangeable wireless modules for short-range license-free applications covers many frequencies, data-rates and protocol technologies. The is the flexible approach to embedding wireless modules.
Radiocrafts support both standard industrial and their own easy to use, highly efficient protocols. No matter which protocol though, or which frequency of operation, or output power, all modules are built on the same physical footprint and basic pin-out.


Supported Protocols

  • RC232
  • TinyMesh
  • Wireless M-Bus
  • Zigbee / 802.15.4
  • KNS


Modules can also be individually configured 'on-the-fly' for different data-rates, channels and output powers. Putting the Radiocrafts wireless module footprint on your design is the gateway to choice & flexibility, rather than the end of wireless module selection.

Full product and demo / development tool information, including the easy to use PC software tools can be found in the Radiocrafts Product section here......

The following brief overviews link to more detailed protocol and device selection information.


The RC232-protocol is the most easy-to-use protocol for bi-directional wireless transmission of data packets from a transmitter to a receiver. Data entered on the UART of one side of the wireless-link is received transparently byte by byte at the other side.

The interface and protocol are RS232/422/485/USB compatible and by including an optional addressing mode, data packets can be sent to unique node, or broadcast to all nodes in a system.

The RC232 protocol is implemented on modules covering most ISM band frequencies used around the world. At some frequencies, device selection can be widened to include both a 'relaxed narrow-band' or true narrow-band version. Further optimisation of data-rate or range can be made 'on the fly' with module configuration.

For such an easy to use protocol, the flexibility is immense!  For more information.........



TinyMesh is complete multi-hop mesh protocol embedded into tiny wireless modules. Despite being easy to use, TinyMesh provides bidirectional wireless communications for both transparent data packets and automated monitoring & control of individual nodes.

Whats more, a TinyMesh network is self configuring and self healing, it includes acknowledge and retransmission capabilities, yet will simply operate 'out-of the box'.

TinyMesh modules have individually programmable Inputs / Outputs and a separate Pulse Counter Input.

As well as transparent data-packets, nodes can send status messages automatically triggered on configurable input condition (digital or analog) changes.

Click here for TinyMesh Brochure

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Wireless M-Bus

The Radiocrafts M-BUS modules act as a wireless M-Bus modem with a UART interface. The embedded protocol can transmit and receive wireless M-Bus data packets based on application messages from an external source (the meter or the concentrator). The modules are configured through the UART interface using a simple command set. Configuration parameters are stored in non-volatile memory. The Radiocrafts M-BUS modules can be set in Sleep mode with very low current consumption, and wake up on a UART command.

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SIGFOX uses Ultra Narrow Band radio technology to connect your devices to the global network of SIGFOX Gateways. The use of UNB is key to providing a scalable, high-capacity network, with very low energy consumption, while maintaining a simple and easy to rollout infrastructure.

The network operates in globally available ISM bands and currently uses the most popular European ISM band on 868MHz (as defined by ETSI and CEPT) as well as the 902MHz in the USA (as defined by the FCC).

Communication on SIGFOX is secured in many ways, including anti-replay, message scrambling, sequencing, etc. The most important aspect of transmission security is however that only the device vendors understand the actual data exchanged between the device and the IT systems.


Zigbee  / 802.15.4

ZigBee module supporting Full Function Device (FFD) and Reduced Function Device (RFD) operation with IEEE 802.15.4 compliant PHY and MAC. The modules are interchange-able with all other modules in the Radiocrafts range. A module for Smart Energy applications is also available, based on a ZigBee PRO compliant platform.

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KNX is one of the leading standards for home and building control. The interest for such systems to support the requirements for energy saving buildings continues to increase. Studies have shown up to 50% energy savings using KNX technology.

The Radiocrafts KNX series modules allow an easy transition into KNX compatible products. All the communication according to the KNX RF standard EN50090 is embedded into the module. Inter-operation between Wireless M-Bus and KNX-RF is also possible using the new modules.

Modules operate in the 868 MHz band, using Listen Before Talk (LBT) to reduce collisions. One receiver can be linked with up to 64 transmitters, enabling very large RF networks. Automatic battery supervision and signal strength information are included among other features.

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