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MEMS Sensors

ACTE offer several types of MEMS sensors, both for embedded design and in packaged formats ready to apply to your equipment.
Packaged Sensors
For packaged devices with easy to interfaces we support the kelag_logo.png product range. These rugged cased modules have mounting holes suitable for attachement directly to you devices and equipment.
They feature standard industrial output signal using industrial connectors or flying-leads ready to connect into your systems.
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The MEMS sensors in the Kelag devices are extremely stable and are able to withstand extreme environments commonly found when measuring in industrial processes, manufacturing, heavy-plant and commecial vehicles etc.

An Introduction to the MEMS Technology and features is published by Kelag and is available to view here (pdf file, opens in separate window)

For further information and complete product details please visit our Kelag Sensors products page.
PCB mounted MEMS Sensors
Murata Electronics Oy (formerly VTI Technologies Oy) offer a range of MEMS sensors embedded design (PCB Mounted) applications.
Sensors can measure acceleration, motion, shock, vibration, inclination and, angular rate.

Each device comprises one of the company's proprietary 3D MEMS technology sensors and a measuring ASIC, assembled into a dual-in-line or dual-in-flat-line plastic package.

The measuring direction is parallel or perpendicular to the mounting plane

The internal sensors are environmentally protected and have excellent performance and reliability in humid environments and with temperature cycling. The protection also provides a damped frequency response for excellent performance in harsh and vibrating environments.

Products are intended for horizontal or vertical measurements with different measurement axis variants being available in the same package.

Further information for each type of sensor and product documentation can be found in the pages linked below.