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Cellular Wireless Products  - Modules, Modems, Gateways, Routers

Note: Since many of the products we offer are available in several variants to support different cellular technologies, the word 'GSM' has been used below to generically to replace 2G / 3G / 4G.

The following is provided to help determine which category of product may best suit your application, and is available with additional information for download from the knowedgebase section.


‘GSM’ Modules (click to view)

Gemalto_modules__web.jpgGSM Modules are designed to be mounted onto a Printed Circuit Board - either directly soldered or by way of an inter-connector.

To function, a module requires supporting components including a specifically designed power supply, SIM card holder and antenna. Some form of control device (i.e. a micro-processor) is required to manage the module operation. Modules normally meet certain government, network and/or type approval requirements but the end product requires additional testing and / or certification prior to their sale in any particular country or region.

‘GSM’ Modems / Terminals (click to view)

‘GSM’ Modems or 'Terminals' are designed to be mounted separately to the PCB or equipment which requires needs to communicate.

EHS6-T_web.jpgStandard industrial connectors are provided for power input, communications and antenna. A SIM card is required for normal operation on the cellular network.

Essentially, GSM Modems or Terminals consist of a GSM module (such as those above) with the necessary power management, interfaces and SIM circuitry to operate and meet the required approvals & certifications.

Some of our Modems / Terminals support industry standard applications developed for the JavaTM open software platform. Such custom applications can manage the wireless module operation and other interfaces on the device. The latest Gemalto JavaTM platform has many new features for increased security and flexibility.

Finally our GSM Modems / Terminals are tested and certified to specific government, network and type approvals, meaning that no further testing or certification is required. Time-to-market is thus significantly improved over the 'roll-your-own' approach using embedded modules.


Intelligent Modems or ‘GSM’ Gateways (click to view)

EC2G_Modem_Image_web.jpgThese devices can look similar to the above Modems / terminals. However Gateways have additional processing capability and built-in software which allows them to operate autonomously as self-managing communications devices.

Once configured, our Gateways provide ‘IP’ or internet communications for other devices which have limited or no built-in capability to manage a modem.

All of our Gateways can act as an IP server or an IP client, meaning they can either make or accept IP connections & provide a transparent data link between the connected device back to your server or PC.

Gateways are approved to various government and/or network so no further testing or certification is required. This combined with only minimal configuration and testing requirements means a very fast time-to-market.


‘GSM’ Routers (click to view)

R3000_image.jpgGSM Routers provide Ethernet / RJ45 data connections and are capable of supporting multiple connected devices. Our Robustel versions provide additional interfaces such as serial and USB to support a wider range of industrial applications. Additionally they have extended power supply input, environmental specifications and ruggedised design.

To optimise cost in your application, our Routers are available not only with 3G, but with GPRS / 2G and 4G wireless options, while still providing all the capabilities and configuration features.

Robustel industrial routers include advanced security and features to maintain a persistent wireless connection so no further testing or certification is required for immediate deployment.