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We offer solutions to support design-in and deployment of all of our products. Please select the product type as follows.

Waterproof equipment cases for external mount installations with RF ports

These cases are suitable for housing electronic systems and ready-to-use products for external mounting applications.

They benefit from IP67 Moisture ingress rating and are available in two sizes - the larger of the two being able to house our largest Robustel R3000 Wireless router.

One of the key benefits is the option of pre-engineered RF ports which can be fitted with antenna connectors suitable for directly attached N-Type mount antenna's whilst maintaining the Moisture ingress rating

Further details can be found on the datasheet here

SIM Card Holders

MEC_KF028_Image_2.jpgACTE provide a range of SIM card holders to suit different applications. The images below indicate the primary types we support - please request samples from us or for further information.

Most 'GSM' modules include a 'SIM detect' input pin. On gemalto modules this is labelled as 'CCIN'. Note that using the CCIN input signal is mandatory for compliance with the 3GPP TS 11.11 (Rel.99) recommendation if the mechanical design of the host application (product) allows the user to remove the SIM card during operation.




6-Contact with SIM detect


Slide-in type 6-contact


Draw & Tray with SIM detect


Push-Type 6-Contact

RF Coaxial Adapters

For adapting existing to coaxial connectors on equipment to alternative typesCTI_CO514.jpg used on antennas etc.

Many types are available and we carry popular versions in stock. Contact our sales office for further details.

Shown left: CTi C0514 - SMA (male) Plug to SME (female)

Modem/Terminal PSUs


An in-line mains PSU with DC output power regulated for the gemalto / Cinterion range of Modem Terminals. The DC output power connector plugs directly into the Universal Jack socket on the modem and is wired with the IGN_ON pin connected to the +15V supply. This configuration will automatically start connected gemalto Modems / Terminals which support the auto power-on feature.

The mains input connector is an IEC 60320-C8. Suitable mains leads required an IEC 60320-C7 plug for insertion into the PSU. The connector is commonly referred to as a ‘Figure-8’ or ‘Fig-8’ plug. For specifications see the image left (click to enlarge)

ACTE Part number SA115B-15U


I-PEX Coaxial receptacles for PCB mounting - compatible with U.FL type.

For applicaitons requiring a PCB coaxial connector the Wellshow IPEX_SMD_receptacle.jpgI-PEX range are 100% compatible with the Hirose U.FL connectors. We cam supply both the PCB mounted receptacle and coaxial adapter cables using these lower cost alternatives as featured on many industrial wireless modules.

Datasheet download here


Gemalto EHS6T GPIO Connectors - Weidmuller 8 and 12 way Omnimate 

Specified by Gemalto for the BGS5T and EHS6T 2G & 3G industrial terminals. These are used for connecting to the GPIO interface on the latest Gemalto terminals. They provide a fast and efficient method to access the GPIO signals without resorting to crimp or solder connectors, so can be easily re-pinned during development or in-situ. Simply push in the bare ended solid-core or tinned twisted multi-thread wires from sensors, switches and indicators. 

No need to purchase in pack quantities - these are normally in stock and available from ACTE in any quantity required to get your development and pre-production started.

8-Way: X396 127729, 12-way X336 127732