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ACTE announce the RobustLink centralised management platform software from Robustel for their range of R3000 routers and M1000 gateway terminals

RobustLink central manager allows multiple Robustel routers and gateways to be managed and administered from a single, centralised location allowing the user to monitor, configure and manage large numbers of remote devices on a private network over the internet.

RobustLink software allows over 1000 remote devices to be managed by a single terminal without any set up costs or bespoke programs to be created. Best of all, it is a free package for customers using Robustel routers or gateways.

Robustel produce class leading industrial, cellular routers, terminal and gateways operating on 4G, 3G or GPRS. Designed for wireless M2M and telemetry platforms as a way of accessing remote devices in the field, Robustel products offer features such as multiple serial interface options via RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet, dual SIM card ports, high voltage range and rugged build quality.

Key performance features of RobustLink software allows users to carry out remote monitoring and configuration, remote firmware updates and data forwarding.

Hardware and software requirements needed to run the program are straightforward via a Pentium 4 or greater PC with 2GB RAM and 1GB disk space. RobustLink operates from either Windows or Linux with most mainstream browsers such as Internet Explorer 6.0 +, Chrome or Firefox supported.

David Taylor, PR Manager of ACTE comments “Customer demand has really driven the requirements for RobustLink. As customers roll out wireless monitoring by using Robustel products to link to multiple sites, it makes sense to access them via one screen without paying for additional software for the privilege”.

Robustel is a high-tech company focused on providing robust connectivity for M2M and Internet of Things applications. Established in 2010 and located in Guangdong, China, Robustel are ISO9001:2008 compliant and produce hardware solutions for a broad range of wireless M2M applications such as Energy and Utilities, Security, Building and Industrial Automation and Retail. 


Further details are available on the RobustLink information page (opens in new window)