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Robustel R3000-3P Passed Vodafone Certification

ACTE are pleased to confirm that at the beginning of August, Robustel R3000-3P router was formally listed on Vodafone’s ‘Certified M2M hardware (Device)” page, which means R3000-3P is admitted to use in Vodafone’s mobile network all over the world.

As we all know, vodafone is a world leading mobile network operator who is running self-deployed network in over 30 countries and in the other more than 40 countries owns network partners.

The R3000-3P with almost completed global certifications is the standard VPN router widely used in various verticals such as smart metering, utilities, e-mobility, Industrial automation, retail and healthcare.

ACTE are keen promoters of the RobustLink 2.0 remote managment solution from Robustel which a provides simple to use persective on owners' fleet of devices including there current operational status, data usages, alerts and location (realtime where GPS option is selected).

The powerful combination of Robustel 3G & 4G network Routers together with the RobustLink service is available for demonstration today by ACTE UK.

For further information please contact ACTE UK or visit our Robustel Products page.