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ACTE, the UK specialist for cellulal communications modules and devices announce the release of an updated version of the suceessful Coherent EC2G Modem Gateway. New features are intoruced to help users migrate from Circuit Switched Data 'Dial-up' communications to IP connectivity over the GPRS, without the need to upgrade existing equirement.

The latest Coherent 2G GPRS modem gateways include several custom features which allow connected equipment to make and receive data 'calls' which are routed over the GPRS IP service.

As networks around the world withdraw or shift their emphasis away from dialed (CSD) connections and focus instead on IP connections, a solution to extend the life of existing installations is very valuable for some applications. Many telemetry users remain dependant upon legacy equipment installed in the field which cannot control GPRS Modems, so will require upgrading should the CSD service become unavailable.

If the user is not planning to completely relpace the datalogger or remote system, the alternative might be to replace the GSM Modem with a more expensive router device, typically using the 3G network. This however can have implications not just on cost, but also power consumption as many users found in the USA when the CSD service was switched off some years ago.

Using the latest version of the Coherent EC2G combined with the services of a specilialist mobile network operator, users have an option to manage the migration to IP connectivity and equipment updates in a controlled and timely way. The EC2G also includes very low-power modes which do not affect continuous availability on the network or data throughput.

A page on the ACTE UK website introduces how an EC2G modem gateway can work and provide a simple low-cost implementation, which also opens the way for future managed upgrades towards a full IP server-client solution.

The Coherent EC2G Modem Gateway supports the GSM 900/1800 frequencies, is CE certified and RoHS compliant.

For more information about the device visit our Coherent Products page or make contact with ACTE UK.