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ACTE announce U.K distribution agreement with Ultracapacitor specialist LS Mtron


LS Mtron, a spin off from multinational conglomerate LG, is a business to business specialist, focused on electronic, electrical, power and energy components for industrial applications.

LS Mtron Ultracapacitors provide an optimum designed package for Ultracapacitors combining high Ultracapacitors.jpgperformance and reliability in 2.8V cells which can then be combined in a single package to increase voltage.

The products are positioned between an electrolytic capacitor and rechargeable battery. Providing per cell capacitance up to a staggering 5400 Farads, the high power and high energy concentration of up to 3.69Wh per cell, coupled with a long term reliability ensures LS Ultracapacitors can be used in numerous energy conscious applications. These include back up or auxillary power units, instantaneous power compensation, peak power assistance and energy storage devices.
In addition to the high power, a long shelf and cycle life is standard on LS Ultracapacitors including operation over a -40 to 65°C temperature range.

The high performance originates from the ultracapacitor design which uses a charged state change phenomena between electrodes and ions in electrolyte. As a result, the charge and discharge process are purely physical and highly reversible.

LS Ultracapcitors can release energy much faster (with more power) than a battery that releases on slow chemical reactions at more modest temperature ranges. LS Ultracapacitors can be cycled hundreds of thousands of times without a deep effect on performance.

David Taylor, PR Manager of ACTE comments “The addition of LS Mtron Ultracapacitors to our power products range, enables manufacturers and systems integrators of high power solutions to take advantage of the latest developments coming out of leading technology houses, LG and LS Mtron. Coupled with ACTE’s know-how in the electronics market, enables LS Mtron and ACTE to offer a variety of class leading products outside of traditional market areas.

ACTE U.K is a specialist wireless electronic components distributor and a division of the €250M turnover Lagercrantz Group. Offering “best of breed” modular and sub systems covering GSM, GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth and WLAN technologies, ACTE have specialist staff with many years knowledge in the wireless sector and are backed up by the world class facilities of the Lagercrantz Group.

Further information is on the LS Mtron Products page page or contact ACTE UK