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ACTE, the U.K’s specialist wireless Machine to Machine and telemetry electronic component distributor are delighted to introduce the Gemalto M2M Concept Board with an on board, global 3G/2G cellular module.

The Gemalto M2M concept board is ideal to get started with a Java enabled 3G and GPRS development and includes an interface allowing it to be connected to Arduino style sensor boards. The concept board includes a fully type approved, Cinterion EHS6, Java module enabling global Cellular 2G and 3G connectivity with on board processing capability.

The concept board offers full access for evaluation in a target application via 8 configurable GPIO lines. It has an on board charging circuit for battery support and solder pads for an optional battery for remote applications.

Concept_Bd.jpgAn on-board antenna supporting all of the modem operating frequencies and SIM card holder are also present. This ensures the concept board is a neat, self-contained hardware solution to complete a wireless M2M project, with up to 7.2Mbps download speeds being realised.

On board LED’s and physical Start / Off buttons provide a visual and push button interface.

David Taylor, PR Manager of ACTE comments “The Gemalto concept board is an intuitive, self contained evaluation platform with all key components required in a wireless M2M project on board. The addition of the Java Open Platform, at no premium to the user ensures that many applications can now be written directly to the 6MB RAM and 10MB Flash File System on board the EHS6 module.”

Like all Cinterion® products from Gemalto, the concept board comes with full technical support from ACTE and Gemalto and the onboard EHS6 is certified by the largest global network operators and the key regulatory approvals.

Cinterion® modules from Gemalto ensure worldwide cellular footprint, reliable connections, and high speed data transfer. Solutions have been engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications for over 15 years as well as offering flexible integration capabilities.

ACTE U.K is a specialist wireless electronic components distributor and a division of the €250M turnover Lagercrantz Group. Offering “best of breed” modular and sub systems covering GSM, GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth and WLAN technologies, ACTE have specialist staff with many years knowledge in the wireless sector and are backed up by the world class facilities of the Lagercrantz Group.

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