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Secure Access to Remote Machines

A Simple way to connect to all your remote devices without fixed-IP SIMs.

RobustVPN Cloud VPN Portal is a web VPN service designed to provide easy and secure access to remote PLCs and machines without resorting to fixed-IP SIM or specialised APN solutions. You can easily connect to any remote machine via Robustel GoRugged series Routers as though they were part of your existing LAN.

In Cellular networks it is normal to find that that wireless routers are issues dynamic private IP address from the local carrier. This presents the problem that our remote devices are not reachable directly over the Internet - the foundation of M2M systems. Besides this, more an more of the data transfered from our remote machines today later correlates to financial values but data transmission over the Internet is not secure without any encryption and protection.

How Does it Work?

Included with each Robustel Router is a small application called the RobustVPN client. Once configured each Router automatically connects to the RobustelVPN Server via the cellular network.

To access remote devices a VPN client is used to log in to your RobustVPN account. You can then select the machine (IP-address) you wish to connect too. A fully secure VPN tunnel is now set up between your network and your R3000 Router and you can exchange data with devices connected to the Router’s LAN ports.


Open VPN Client support (for PC / Server / Smartphone access)

      Key Features
  • Easy to connect within VPN tunnel
  • Secure internet access to remote stations
  • Attaching various control stations
  • Connection status overview
  • Multi-users and Multi-access
  • Plug & Play
  • Remote Configuration
  • Number of Devices: up to 1000+
  • Web GUI


Below is the device connectivity and data flow when using RobustVPN Cloud service. Further information is available in the User Guide.




What Next? 

The User Guide below contains further information about the RobustVPN Cloud service. If you would like further information to you're in the UK or Ireland and wish to get up and running with RobustVPN service just get in contact.


Datasheet_LNK.png  Download the RobustVPN Cloud Datasheet here



Datasheet_LNK.png  Download the RobustVPN Cloud User Guide here



Contact ACTE for further information.

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