Centralised Management Platform

A Simple way to monitor and manage all your remote devices from one location.

RobustLink is an industrial-grade centralised management and administration system for Robustel GoRugged series Routers & Gateways, including all varients of the R3000, R3000-Lite, M1000 XP and M1000 Pro V2 devices.

With RobustLink you can monitor, configure and manage large numbers of remote devices privately over the web. Robustlink has a fast response time to issues raised in the field, and with GPS mapping provides a simple to-use-platform for efficient maintenance. Robustlink is a scaleable solution which can be easily installed and self-hosted on your local server.


Support for all Robustel 2G, 3G & 4G Routers and M1000 XP & ProV2 Gateways.

Each of these devices are supplied with a small application included called the RobustLink-client. All you need to do is configured the settings for use on your private system and the connection is made automatically whenever the device powers-up and goes on-line. Nothing else to worry about!



Going On-line

RobustLink is available to any web-browser with internet access.

Any number of users can access the RobustLink http web user interfce at any time. Access for each user is private and protected by a username and password. As administrator you can define each users access and password. Once you're logged on you can see and access information for the devices you have registered to the service.


    Green Tick indicates On-line

Verify by Location

A great means to confirm you've got the right unit.

A serial number or IMEI is great to determine which unit you're viewing, but a call from the field is more likely to tell you where the unit is located. You can pre-set the loacation of each device but a GPS enabled Router takes out the guesswork, especially if it's mobile.

Have lots of devices?

Too many to select from?

Use the Devices View ......

Initial Location View

More Detail...

Closing in..


Diagnosing any network related issues is tricky without information.

3 LEDs may be a positive indicator your router is on-line as your leaving site, but on a 3G network things can change down the line and a little more information may save you going a long way!

RobustLink monitors and stores accurate signal strength and data-usage information. Reviewing the historical on-line/off-line status, signal strengths and individual SIM data-usage over time can speed up the resolution of connectivity issues or unexpected end-equipement usage. It's also really easy to save charts as PDFs or images for later reference.

Event Notification

RobustLink supports event notification so you never miss something important.

On the Router you dedine which events are reported up to the RobustLink Server - things like when a 3G/4G service or VPN is down or back-up, when the unit re-boots or loses a local connection or a Digital Input changes state. A list of events from each device is available, each can be acknowledged to save confusion later. There's also a handy 'Events / Alarms' tab which will instantly show the latest events received from all of your devices.

With RobustLink it's also possible to configure alarms for each device in a group where data-usage reaches a warning level or a device goes off-line.

How Does it Work?

The RobusteLink client software which is included in each device connects with the Robustlink Platform Software which is running on a server (a remote hosted version for lower-volume applications or on your own server).

The Robustlink Platform Software does all the processing and storage of information for all remote devices and also has a web-interface on which you access the inforamtion about your 'fleet' of devices.

Below is the Device connectivity and data flow when using RobustLink.



What Next? 

Download the following documents for further information. If you would like a full demo or just to access our system let us know.


Datasheet_LNK.png  Download the RobustLink Datasheet here



Datasheet_LNK.png  Download the RobustLink User Guide here



Contact ACTE for further information or a RobustLink demonstration.

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