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Robustel Cloud Services


Monitor, Manage and Access Data

With simplicity, without Boundarys.

RobustLink and RobustVPN allow you to roll out remote machine monitoring solutions easily, quickly and securely, without restrictions.






Available to any web-browser with internet access.

RobustLink is a simple and secure way to monitor the status of your Routers and Gateway devices. See both current and historical status and connectivity information quickly and privately. Robustlink is a scaleable solution for managing large numbers of remote devices. Easily installed and self-hosted on your local server, it is free for smaller scale networks and expands with your requirements via a simple low-cost pricing structure.


Secure connectivity from

Routers and Gateways to

your network and desktop

Robustlink works with all variants of the R3000, R3000-Lite, M1000 XP and M1000 Pro V2 devices with any standard SIM card.


Secure and simple connectivity without restrictions.

RobustVPN is an easy and secure way access your remote machines without resorting to fixed-IP SIM or specialised APN solutions. Accessing the data from your your remote devices via RobustelVPN is like they are part of your existing Local Area Network.

Secure connections from your

desktop and network to remote

machines anywhere in the world

RobustVPN works with all variants of the R3000 & R3000-Lite Routers with any standard SIM card.


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