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Radiocrafts offers standard RF modules for operation in the license-free ISM bands at 169 / 315 / 429 / 433 / 868 / 915 & 2450 MHz. Radiocrafts modules are compact, very easy to integrate and easy to use, for shortest possible time-to-market. 
Radiocrafts modules have a unified footprint so are easily interchangeable. In addition to offering products spanning different frequencies and sub-bands all with an easy-to-use serial data protocol, they support industry standard protocols such as Zigbee, Wireless-MBUS, KNX and TinyMesh.

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Part Number Protocol Frequency / Region
 RC1700HP-RC232 NEW  RC232  169MHz, EU
 RC1701-MBUS4  Wireless-MBUS  169MHz, EU
 RC1701HP-MBUS4  Wireless-MBUS   169MHz, EU
 RC1210  RC232  418-419MHz, China
 RC1230  RC232  426 & 429, Japan (ARIB STD-T67)
 RC1140  RC232  433MHz, EU
 RC1140-MBUS4  Wireless-MBUS  433-434MHz, EU
 RC1141-TM  TinyMesh  433-434MHz, EU
 RC1240  RC232  433-434MHz, EU
 RC1740HP NEW  RC232  433-434MHz, EU
 RC1244  RC232  429, 433, 439, 444MHZ Sweden
 RC1250  RC232  447 & 424MHz, Korea
 RC1760HP NEW  RC232  458, 463, 467MHz
 RC1170-RC232  RC232  865-867MHZ, India (G.S.R.564(E) (G.S.R.168(E))
 RC1170HP-RC232  RC232  865-867MHZ, India (G.S.R.564(E) (G.S.R.168(E))
 RC1171-TM  TinyMesh  865-867MHZ, India (G.S.R.564(E) (G.S.R.168(E))
 RC1171HP-TM  TinyMesh  865-867MHZ, India (G.S.R.564(E) (G.S.R.168(E))
 RC1170-MBUS  Wireless-MBUS  865-866MHZ, India (G.S.R.564(E) (G.S.R.168(E))
 RC1170HP-MBUS  Wireless-MBUS  865-866MHZ, India (G.S.R.564(E) (G.S.R.168(E))
 RC1160-MBUS  Wireless-MBUS  868-869MHZ, Russia
 RC1180-RC232  RC232  868-870MHz, EU
 RC1180HP-RC232  RC232  868-870MHz, EU
 RC1180-TM  TinyMesh  868-870MHz, EU
 RC1180HP-TM  TinyMesh  868-870MHz, EU
 RC1180-MBUS4  Wireless-MBUS  868-870MHz, EU
 RC1180-KNX  KNX  868-870MHz, EU
 RC1280  RC232  868-870MHz, EU
 RC1280HP  RC232  868-870MHz, EU
 RC1780HP NEW  RC232  868-870MHz, EU
 RC1190  RC232  902-915MHz, USA (FCC CFR 47 part 15)
 RC1190-TM  TinyMesh  902-915MHz, USA (FCC CFR 47 part 15)
 RC1290  RC232  902-928MHz, USA (FCC CFR 47 part 15)
 RC2400  802.15.4 / Zigbee Ready  2.4GHz, Worldwide
 RC2400HP  802.15.4 / Zigbee Ready  2.4GHz, Worldwide
 RC2400-ZNM / SE  Zigbee ZNM / Smart Energy  2.4GHz, Worldwide
 RC2400HP-ZNM / SE  Zigbee ZNM / Smart Energy  2.4GHz, Worldwide
 RC2500-RC232  RC232  2.4GHz, Worldwide
 RC2500HP-RC232  RC232  2.4GHz, Worldwide
 RC2500-TM  TinyMesh  2.4GHz, Worldwide
 RC2500HP-TM  TinyMesh  2.4GHz, Worldwide



RS232 interface and control protocol download

TinyMesh interfacing and control Protocol is contained within the device datasheet

MBUS protocol is available by registering with Radiocrafts, or contact for further details.