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Following the acquisition of VTI Technologies Oy by the Japanese company Murata Manufacturing, VTI has recently changed its company name. The new company name is Murata Electronics Oy. At the same time, the company has adopted Murata’s visual identity with the Murata logo.
VTI Technologies, established in 1991, creates solutions that improve safety and security, health and quality of life. The company is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of silicon capacitive acceleration and gyroscope sensors. The success of its products is based on the company's own unique 3D MEMS technology.
Product benefits (4 P's) include
  • Accuracy in low-g ranges (Performance)
  • Low power consumption (Power)
  • Small product size enabling application in small devices (Packaging)
  • Competitive price-quality ratio (Price)
Unlimited scope of applications
Sensors measure acceleration, motion, shock, vibration, inclination and, angular rate.
The application areas are forever expanding as the sensor technology is benefiting many other applications; Sports & Wellness, Medical & Instruments and Terminal applications are areas where measuring needs are gaining importance. Applications range from PC & gaming controllers and pointing devices to activity monitoring for adaptive cardiac pacemakers.


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