LS Ultracapacitor manufacture energy storage devices with capabilities positioned between conventional electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries. High power, high energy and long-term reliability are key
features of LS Ultracapacitors and enable use in various applications such as backup and auxiliary power, instantaneous power compensation, peak power compensation and energy storage systems.
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LS Mtron-Ultracapacitor is part of the LS Mtron group.
The group is focused on industrial electronic, electrical and materials development and manufacture, and is one of the three groups which comprise LG.


LS Mtron Ultracapacitor Brochure contains details of the company & ownership and ultracapacitor product range (click to download)


Product range & documentation

LS Mtron manufacture both Ultracapacitors (Cells) and Modules which consist of a number of cells and balancing circuits. Please select one of the product types below to view available devices.