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CSD to IP-over-GPRS Migration using Coherent Gateways


Migrating from using Circuit Switched Data or CSD 'dial-up' connections to 'IP' Communications over the GPRS network is now possible without changing existing equipment.

In many applications, making changes to the way existing remote equipment handles data 'calls' is very difficult, making the migration away from CSD problematic. At the data concentrator / server end, implementing changes may highlight other impracticalities too. The Coherent EC2G modems make possible a 'no-change' policy for both ends of the link. However, once the migration to IP communications has been proven successful, more gradual improvements to server/data collection can be considered. These can reap greater benefits in terms of stability, security and accessibilty of remote data, and easing further migration to an all IP system in future.

Below is a 'before and after' overview of how a typical solution may work. Starting at the top left and following the arrows helps see and clarify the process-flow. Moving the mouse across the page shows how an implementation using the EC2G modems creates an 'IP' connection from 'SIM to SIM'. Note that apart from the initial dial-string, the commands and the messages to & from the host equipment do not change. The dial command can also be implemented in several ways depending on the host requirements.

SIM to SIM IP communications CSD Dial-up communications


Like any modem device which the host equipment does not configure after power-up, the Coherent EC2G gateways need to be configured prior to deployment. This is standard practice of course. The additional features provided by the EC2G gateway necessary for this solution can also be pre-configured prior to deployment.

Because each application will be between different equipment some testing is required before it will be clear if this solution works succesfully. However, if the correct steps are taken then migration from CSD to IP is not only possible, but can significantly reduce the cost of accessing remote data.

Contact ACTE for further information about device configuration, SIM cards and the implementation.


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