Coherent Technologies Limited
Coherent have a long pedigree in providing communications solutions for metering and telemetry applications & are a trusted partner of many telemetry companies. 

Coherent wireless Gateways are simple to configure & use yet highly flexiEC2G_Modem_Image_web.jpgble with a host of features to maintain backwards compatibility with legacy infrastructure systems. They support multiple wireless bearers, for data and remote configuration making them easy to deploy and delivering confident to ongoing system maintenance.

A key differential is the extremely low power consumption whilst the remote unit remains contactable at all times, providing for battery and renewable energy powered outposts.

Gateways support both CSD and GPRS data services and include features to allow some legacy systems designed for plane old modems to take advantage of IP communications over GPRS without modification. Find out more here..


Products and documentation.

2G Wireless Gateway with serial data interface and power supply input via 25-Way D-connector. Separate D.C. power input socket. SMA antenna socket. Very low power sleep mode (remaining on-line). IP comms with legacy CSD modem emulation.


USB Modem Interface
Simple PC interface for EC2G Gateway. Converts PC USB interface (power & data) to 25-Way D-Type male connector. Provides serial data and power input to EC2G from a single USB cable, suitable for configuration or as a PC communication hub / gateway.
Industrial RS232 Serial to TCP/IP Ethernet Gateway. Creates a transparent connection between local (Serial) device and remote server. Ideal for cabled (ADSL) telemetry and metering applications where access to the remote network infrastructure (LAN) is not an option.