CAP-XX manufactures and markets world-leading high power density supercapacitors.
These devices are an ideal power solution in mobile wireless devices, digital cameras, medical appliances, industrial and automotive applications, and many other devices.
With their high power and energy densities, supercapacitors are capable of producing the high burst power required, for example, when taking a digital photo, sending wireless data transmissions (GSM / GPRS), providing back-up energy, or hot-swapping battery packs.
As the use of mobile technology advances, the need for smaller, ElectrolyticCanLoRes.jpgportable and more highly functional devices grows. This, in turn, intensifies the demand for battery power systems that are compact and light, but still provide long run times.
CAP-XX Supercapacitors are increasingly becoming the enabling technology that allows OEMs to achieve significant savings in cost, component count, mass, weight, and circuit complexity.
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Supercapacitor Product Guides

Product Guides include an overview of the unique Cap-XX technology, device storage, operational metrics and energy & power information for device selection & design.

Each Guide forms the basis of the design documentation for all applicable devices in the relevant family.

Standard Supercapacitors Product Guide - click to download

New Thinline Supercapacitors Product Guide - click to download

Samples available now - see below

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Individual device specifications

G-Series Dual Cell - 5.0V (Nominal) 5.5V peak, -40°C to +70ºC, Tmax+70ºC

DeviceCapacitanceESR- m-OhmsThicknessCase Size - mm
GA209F 80mF 130 2.20 mm 20.0 x 18.0
GW209F 140mF 70 2.20 mm 28.5 x 17.0
GW201F 350mF 70 *(55) 2.50 mm
GW203F 550mF 50 3.50 mm
GS203F 250mF 45 2.20 mm 39.0 x 17.0
GS206F 600mF 40 *(32) 2.50 mm
GS208F 900mF 28 3.50 mm
GS230F 1200mF 28 3.80 mm

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H-Series Dual Cell - 5.5V (Nominal) 5.8V peak, -40°C to +70ºC, Tmax+85ºC

DeviceCapacitanceESR- m-OhmsThicknessCase Size - mm
HA202F 120mF 140 3.00 mm 20.0 x 18.0
HA230F 400mF


3.80 mm
HW209F 140mF 120 2.20 mm 28.5 x 17.0
HW201F 350mF 120 *(95) 2.50 mm
HW203F 550mF 90 3.50 mm
HS203F 250mF 75 2.20 mm 39.0 x 17.0
HS206F 600mF 70 *(55) 2.50 mm
HS208F 900mF 50 3.50 mm
HS230F 1200mF 50 3.80 mm

 click on part-number for individual electrical specs

*Figures in brackets are for improved specification devices available from March 2015


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